TaikaBox ry membership

Mission Statement:

- To explore new avenues and platforms for performance and production that can introduce new people to dance and that create new ways to experience dance.
- To support and develop artistic activity within a dance and technology remit, for example through projects, residencies and workshops.
- To advance international partnerships and collaboration in dance and technology.

Anti-Discrimination Policy:

By signing up to become part of TaikaBox community I agree to respect a person’s physical and emotional boundaries, their beliefs, opinions and experiences. I try not make assumptions about anyone’s background or gender, and ask rather than guess. I accept that no discrimination of any form is allowed in the TaikaBox community.
I am responsible for my actions and the language I use, but I understand that people make mistakes and our actions don’t always reflect our intentions. I apologise when necessary. We are all in the learning process.

Feel free to contact TaikaBox if you have any concerns about any of these issues regarding TaikaBox’s activities.

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